Salt from Ukraine

Salt is used in many branches of industry, such as: metallurgy, oil and gas industry, power engineering, chemical, textile, pulp and paper industry, and also it is used by community facilities and road services.

The research of the properties of salt conducted by scientists has revealed that rock salt is a natural crystalline mineral, an ecologically pure product of an early dryout stage of ancient seas containing a natural complex of biologically active macro- and microelements.

Natural energy of oils in combination with the properties of ancient sea salt creates unique chemical and aromatic blends, favourably affecting human organism.

The properties of water with the diluted salt resemble those of sea-water, while aromatization and colour create a comforting effect. The products are intended for mass consumption, application in beauty salons and sanatoriums.

The finished product is salt for baths: Lavender, Natural as per TU U 18.528-99, Coniferious as per TU U 18.528-99

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