Offered by us is produced by means of grinding fresh (not preserved in any way) fish which have remained following the fish processing with the use of fat and protein coagulants with such additives as antioxidant protecting the protein from oxidizing. The fishmeal is applicable as high-protein component in the cattle and poultry feed.

The Protein contained in our fishmeal is characterized by high share of essential amino acids, methionine with cystine, lysine, treonine and tryptophan in particular.
Occurring in the form of natural peptide connections it may be effectively applied for the amino acids balancing in animal feeding.

It is also worth mentioning,
that our products make concentrated energy source (metabolic energy of 10,3-13MJ) with the minimum of 95% assimilation, which has a direct impact on
- faster growth,
- reduced allergic reaction in f. ex. piglets,
- reduced demand for milk replacing substances,
- increased resistance to illnesses,
- better development of the nervous system and bone structure.

The Fishmeal with our quality trademark
means not only the source of energy but a powerful store of minerals such as:
 - phosphorus, selenium
 - B-choline group vitamins, biotin, B-12
   as well as vitamins A, D and Taurine.

The fodders containing our products have a vital share in the feeding of pigs and poultry providing the right food for faster growth.

It might be well recommendable to get acquainted with the
Resolution by the European Parliament dated 10.07.2007where paragraph D states as follows:

 Fishmeal is undoubtedly rich in basic  amino acids, contains big amounts of fat acids which are responsible for good health conditions both in humans and animals.
The fishmeal processing is within safe biological limits.  

The fishmeal we would like to recommend:

- MaxaFish 68-70% protein / bioavailability of 97%,
- ExtraFish 65-67% protein / bioavailability of 97%,
- SupraFish 60-61% protein / bioavailability of 97%,
- NormaFish 51-51% protein / bioavailability of 97%

guarantee fast growth with effective use of the fodders at the same time.  

Products with our trademark do not contain any other additives of the high-protein type, animal or plant modifying substances pushing up the protein content worsening the feeding value and digestibility of the fodder at the same time.