Folienschlauchsilierung / Silobag-storage

Our company is a sales representative of plastic products factory "Planeta Plastik" LLC. "Planeta Plastik" LLC is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic pipes and films for various purposes in Ukraine.

The company operates in the market of Ukraine more than 10 years and holds leading positions in the industrial and commercial areas. The company implemented the international quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.

Three-layer plastic sleeve for storing grain "HARWELL" thickness 240/230 microns, in which the grain (or other bulk material, like salt or silage) can be stored for a long period. In a sealed environment of the bag very quickly rising levels of carbon dioxide and decreases to a minimum level of oxygen. In these conditions, the risk of grain pests and fungi is reduced to zero. This technology reduces the cost of storage of grain in 3-4 times.

Using this technology:
1. You are independent of the elevator;
2. Keep grain anaerobically without insects and fungi;
3. Save seed quality;
4. Avoid depersonalization grain;
5. Save on transport costs.
6. For storing: dry grain, silage, haylage, road salt, bagasse… ect.
almost all other bulk material!

We offer the European quality, low prices and direct deliveries from the manufacturer to your warehouse.

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