Maschinen für die Be- und Entladung von Folienschläuchen

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Grain-unpacking machine ZRM-180

Productivity 180 t/h.

Drive from tractor’ stake-off 80h.p.

1. Bag wind mechanism with system without-stepped speed regulation (oil stream regulation valve);
2. Reductor of bag wind mechanism RT300;
3. Tires 11,5/75-15,3;
4. An auger of grain take in from bag Ø 400mm;
5. Additional auger for productivity increase with slowly-flowing crops (wetcorn).
6. Supporting cylinders(the change from transport to working condition);
7. Unloading auger 400mm(productivity 180 t/h.) unload height 4200 mm;
8. Auger lip(for grain stream direction into the body center);
9. Coupling for quick bag unwind.

Overall dimensions LхWхH – 6800х2500х3600mm.

Grain-packing machine ZPM--180

1. Drivefromtractor’stake-off 80h.p.
2. Tunnel for bag ᴓ 2740 mm for bags 9 inch;
3. Bag’s put on mechanism;
4. Loading auger Ø 400 mm, productivity 5 t/min.;
5. Reception bunker 1,6х3,1 m. (for scoop truck);
6. Trailing ring Ø 50 mm;
7. Tires 10/75-15.3;
8. Screw-chain mechanism for palette pulling;
9. Mechanically managed braking system for package density regulation;
10. Packaging density control is realized through manometer based on hydro cylinder;
11. Cardan shaft 6thvalue.

Overall dimensions LхWхH – 6100х4200х4200mm.

Universal loader NRU-180

1. Two take-in augersØ250mmwith capture width from 2,1to 4,2m. The capture width regulates by wind tractions(spiral thickness 4/2 mm, production Tecnofer Italy);
2. Augers drive mechanism from tractor’s take-off;
3. AugerØ 400mm (solid-rolled spiral with thickness 8/4 mm. productionTecnofer Italy, productivity 3t/min., unload height 4,2m.);
4. Trailed ringØ50 mm.
5. Tires 10/75-15.3 – 2 pcs.
6. Two hydro cylinders for NRU-180 transfer from transport to working condition.
7. Counterbalance box (filled in by sand).
8. Rubber edge on loader leafs provides full grain take-in.

Overall dimensions LхWхH– 6100х4200х4200mm.

Additional option:

Reception bunker for vehicle