NPK is high effective granular complex fertilizer

NPK is high effective granular complex fertilizer, including all elements necessary for development of plants (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). The product is nonhygroscopic and not caked. All substances contained in the fertilizer are soluble in water.

   NPK is used as the main and presowing fertilizer for all kinds of soil and for all types of agricultural crops. In case of basic way of use at heavy sandy loams it is reasonable to apply the fertilizer since autumn for under-winter plowing, while at soils of light granulometric composition – for preventing nitrate nitrogen losses in spring. NPK is especially effective for black and chestnut soils at irrigation due to more intensive use of the phosphate component. Owing to a wide range of manufactured NPK types it is possible to select the special grade of the fertilizer, which corresponds to specific soil and crops.

   High nutrient content exceeding 40% allows to decrease significantly costs connected with transportation and entering into ground in comparison with single fertilizers.